what is pago de caridad?

The newest and easiest way to donate to Charities.

For People who want to donate money to those in need but has always felt the inconvenience of the process,

Pago de Caridad is an online crowdfunding platform that provides an easy and safe way to donate to the many accredited Charitable Institutions out there. Unlike the current donation process, Pago de Caridad allows you to send money using only your mobile phones or laptops.

For Charitable Institutions and People in need, who have difficulty reaching people who actually want to help,

Pago de Caridad is an online crowdfunding platform that provides exposure to a user base inclined to giving back to those in need. Unlike the current channels available to source donations from, Pago de Caridad allows you to offer more options and easier ways to accept donations.

How was Pago de Caridad created?

Pago de Caridad is the first product of the startup company, AltPayNet Ltd., which is made up of young but ambitious Payment Professionals with global experience. Coming from the Philippines, where Payment innovations are years behind compared to other countries, this group is in the perfect position to identify gaps in every market and create new products that progress these industries.

What better market to start improving than the Giving market? A positive change to an industry that benefits people in need of help is the perfect starting point.

How we see the future and our plan to get there.

With Pago de Caridad, we see a world where distance will no longer be an issue, and people are more eager to help and reach out to others. To do this, we are working to evolve into an instrument that not only eases the process of helping others, but also sparks the goodness inside each and every one of us while having fun.

Making the donation process easy is just the first step. We assure you that we won't stop there.