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What you can do in Pago de Caridad?

Publish your charity page
Expand your receiving network globally
Monitor donations to your cause
Get to know people who donated
Donations anytime, anywhere.

With Pago de Caridad mobile, your donors can now support your cause whenever and wherever they are, making donations such a breeze. You can also receive donations globally through multitudes of people around the world who support your cause. This is what makes Pago de Caridad different, we strive hard to make giving and receiving as simple as it can be.

Why Pago de Caridad?

Capture more donations

Add Pago de Caridad to the avenues where you accept donations to maximize your potential to gain help.

Multiple modes of donations

In Pago de Caridad, donations can be made using a number of payment methods (credit card, bank transfer, etc.)

Increase your cause's exposure

Pago de Caridad helps puts its partners out there using modern types of marketing such as social media. Let your cause be exposed the way it should be nowadays.

Reach people who want to help your cause

Pago de Caridad is dedicated to know and properly communicate your cause to its profiled users. Take advantage of the opportunity to reach out to those who find your cause close to their hearts.